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Winery Dogs - andama - 07-02-2013

I love these photos of dogs that live at Winery's

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at90935AM_zps9193e0f5.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91014AM_zps14051450.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91001AM_zpsad91011e.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91008AM_zpsaa77e4c4.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at90948AM_zps6fe89eb0.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at90954AM_zps1482efb6.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91040AM_zpsa8e3ace3.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91020AM_zpsf54d3956.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91033AM_zps6312646d.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91026AM_zps3a3a83c1.png]


RE: Winery Dogs - katescradles - 07-02-2013

Love the top picture, they look as if they are about to start a conversation !!!

RE: Winery Dogs - Timeless Re-creations - 07-05-2013

Thanks Andi!,, they're all gorgeous, and make me smile!
Jayne xx