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My custom Andi - judy54 - 03-20-2013

Just finished my custom Andi awake ... I love how sweet she has turned out
I havent been posting baby pics because this new photobucket seems to take forever .. really hate it wish they would just leave things alone
Anyway here she is
Her mum wanted the long lashes !

[Image: DSCF0228_zpscf94d680.jpg]

[Image: DSCF02232_zps3f4a8b22.jpg]

[Image: DSCF0257_zps927635f6.jpg]

RE: My custom Andi - amelo1969 - 03-20-2013

She's adorable, Judy! Smile Lucky Mum!

RE: My custom Andi - cherielynn09 - 03-20-2013

Ohhh...she is PRECIOUS!!! I LOVE her hair!!!!

RE: My custom Andi - srhambler - 03-20-2013

aww she looks like she needs a cuddle, how cute xx

RE: My custom Andi - liveffects - 03-21-2013

OMG That is one megga cute baby !!
absolutely adorable !!!

RE: My custom Andi - ewa1976 - 03-21-2013

I love her! She is sweet! Mom will be happy! she has beautiful eyes !

RE: My custom Andi - judy54 - 03-21-2013

Thank you ladies xx

RE: My custom Andi - andama - 03-21-2013

She is another beauty you have created

you have been pinned

you have been blogged


RE: My custom Andi - threads - 03-21-2013

what a little stunner, her mum will be so happy.
Love this sculpt

RE: My custom Andi - teresa bierton - 03-21-2013

shes a beauty x x love teresa x x