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Suzanna by Olivia Stone - andama - 10-05-2011

Suzanna by Olivia Stone is the sculpt I am working on at the moment.

I found the vinyl very pink which of course is not really an issue but it has been a while since I have a kit that colour.

I was very very surprised at the detailing of both the hands and feet and I would go so far as to say the hands were possibly some of the best I have seen.

I have done the body washes and coverage is easy not need needing many coats to get a lovely base skin tone.
The head of this sculpt is cute and simple with closed eyes and to make this baby stand out you will need to spend some serious time with adding detailing such as shading etc and of course hair will be very important in getting the perfect look.

I have had this sculpt for sometime so I look forward to seeing any that have been done by other artists and also hearing your thoughts on the quality of the kit and seeing any photos of babies already completed.

Size: 19" when completed
Limbs: 3/4 limbs, both arms and legs are bent
Eye size: Closed

Original kit from German producers Real Effect. Made in Germany! and the sculpt is stunning.

Photo is one version of what this kit can look like when complete and has not been done by Andama Galleries

[Image: 3076.jpg]


RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - Lovin2Reborn - 10-05-2011

Oh, she's going to be so beautiful ~ Smile Can't wait to see what you do with her, Andi!

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - Sheree - 10-05-2011

I have this baby in my collection and she is beautiful.
The hands are amazing and the legs are lovely and chubby.
She has a serious look of concentration on her face, maybe doing a poo.

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - sandra - 10-06-2011

She is beautiful Smile

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - katescradles - 10-06-2011

I love her, she is gorgeous !

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - Judymae - 10-06-2011

Oh she is going to be adorable

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - rach2184 - 10-06-2011

I agree! She is very sweet and I look forward to how you reborn her Smile

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - Gabriele - 10-06-2011

Awww I love the sleeping bubs can't wait to see this one finished Andama I think he/she will be gorgeous. Smile

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - threads - 10-06-2011

She is a lovely kit.

RE: Suzanna by Olivia Stone - brigg - 10-12-2011

Love love love itSmile And can't wait to see what you with her, absolutley beautifullSmile

brig xXx