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LUCA - andama - 01-06-2011

Well for those who are new here and don't know------------ my fav sculpt is Luca by Elly Knoops and because of this I make many of them lol.
I purchased the new Luca head with new limbs and am well into creating my next bub for 2011.

This head with the pale colour needs a lot less paint and the paint also needs to be really thin or it takes on a chalky look very easily so three coats would be the most I put on as it would be very difficult to work with more.
The head is softer also making rooting really easy so Luca it is for me and as usual if anyone has one out there they would share with us then post and comment away as we are always interested.


RE: LUCA - threads - 01-06-2011

She is also my favourite kit to, I have a Lucas kit also, but am not keen on
the frown lines. Luca kits seem hard to find at the moment, can I ask
where you purchase yours from please Andama,



RE: LUCA - andama - 01-06-2011

I get mine from Lyns reborn world she usually has plenty with a variety of limbs


RE: LUCA - threads - 01-06-2011

Thanks for that, I took a peek and she is also
Temporarily Out of Stock.


RE: LUCA - judy54 - 01-06-2011

I still have a Luca to do Andama its the hard head though thinking of putting it on a full torso I bought. Look forward to seeing another of yours.. such a pretty sculpt xx

RE: LUCA - eeniemeanie - 01-10-2011

Luca is a lovely sculpt, very timeless I think and will always be a popular choice with collectors.

RE: LUCA - katescradles - 01-10-2011

I think tinkerbells have luca at the mo for 49.99

RE: LUCA - Judymae - 01-10-2011

Can't wait to see her/him.

RE: LUCA - threads - 01-14-2011

Just bought another Luca sculpt from Puppen Traumland in Germany,
less than £50.00 including postage, expecting her soon, so had better
get a move on and root the one I have just painted, not too keen on
rooting, probably because I am not too good at it yet, need a lot of

RE: LUCA - judy54 - 01-14-2011

Look forward to seeing your Luca too maxina, with all that lovely crochet you do I bet you soon get good at rooting,,,, xx