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42g 3 barb needle - andama - 08-21-2010

well I am tying the 42g 3 barb needle and it is much easier to use than the hooked need or should I say the forked needle. The hair goes in very fine indeed and even being a three barb it takes work to get the needle to hook the hair and it is really one strand at a time but once again it is much easier than the 42 forked needle.
I love the really fine needles for hair however the forked needle makes me want to slash my wrists lol so the new 3barb is a real winner in my books.
I have just started a new babies head with this new needle so we shall see how long it takes and what it looks like in the end.
The down side (and yes there is always one of those) the needle bends easily so it is not a good idea to take your eyes off the head even for a second lol as at $1.00 each rooting a head could get very expensive.
Has anyone else tried the 42g 3barb.

Oh yes I got them at lyns reborn world as that is the only place I have found them so far and they were $10 for 10 and they come in solid tube not a bag.


RE: 42g 3 barb needle - Kylie - 08-22-2010

I have tried them before too and really liked them Andama. I actually buy my needles from tinkerbells now and use the 42 crown, extra strong. They are fantastic and don't bend easily. They also come in the little tube from her to.

RE: 42g 3 barb needle - karen west - 08-22-2010

42G 3 barb are just about all I ever use. I have tried the forked and I'm with you Andama - my wrists are in serious danger LOL. I sometimes use 42G 1 barb but not too often

RE: 42g 3 barb needle - andama - 08-22-2010

I had a look at Tinkerbells but they are in the UK so maybe I can get the stronger crown needles here somewhere.......... does anyone in Australia know where to get the stronger 42g 3barb.