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GRACIE - andama - 07-26-2010

Gracie by Anne Timmerman is the next baby leaving the ark at the Andama Galleries
. This is a very pale vinyl and it drinks the paint so many seem to be required to do the skin colour.
The doll should be around 20 inches when finished and I have to say the limbs are wonderful with both hands open and great detail on both arms and legs.

Gracie NOT done by me

[Image: Gracie.jpg]

Gracie now NASA done by me

[Image: IMG_0736.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0743.jpg]


RE: GRACIE - karen west - 07-26-2010

She's a lovely sculpt - looking forward to seeing yours Andama

RE: GRACIE - judy54 - 07-26-2010

AWW what a pretty sculpt !! cant wait to see what you do with her xx

RE: GRACIE - ordinary miracles reborn - 07-26-2010

she is a gorgeous sculpt i've been keeping my eye on this kit lol
can't wait to see what you do with her
hugs gayle

RE: GRACIE - Judymae - 07-26-2010

I just love her expression, she's going to be adorable can't wait to see yours.