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TORSO - andama - 06-28-2010

I am re-borning a baby boy using a torso body from Lyn's reborn world and the reason I mention LYN's business is because I have not found these boy's and girls torso's anywhere else.
This is the first time I have used one of these torso's and I have to say I think I may be hooked lol so I would like to know if anyone else has created a baby using these torso's and if so where did you get them and what did you think of them.
I have found them very easy to work with and they have full limbs both legs and arms. I like the vinyl it is a very good quality and really lovely to paint with wonderful detail.
The down side is with buying the torso and the head the kit comes in with postage at nearly $200 before you start work on it however the detailing for both the boy and girl makes these torso's very very realistic.
The up side.
Realistic, makes a baby about 19-21 inches, body kit comes with, upper cloth body, lower half torso, legs and arms and of course ties.

I will be loading my first baby photos using this kind of kit with a Barry Head by Adrie Stoete in the coming days.

Photo of torso kit I am using

[Image: boytorso.jpg]


RE: TORSO - judy54 - 06-28-2010

WOW cant wait to see this one !!
I have never used a torso but love them and must give it a go too their just a bit expensive arnt they Andama ?
Love Barry too xx

RE: TORSO - andama - 06-28-2010

I think they are expensive but thinking about it now a days by the time you buy a good sculpt then the body it works out pretty close in price anyway.
How much are they in the UK Judy.


RE: TORSO - judy54 - 06-29-2010

Havent seen any in the uk Andama dont no if their are some or not, think its on an american site I saw them
I do love them and will have to give them a try Ive ordered Tamie yaries new one from usa Serene and Joanna Gnomes new one Clhoe so I could order a torso I might just get the tummy plate first with all the bits lol
I think you have got a great combination their with the torso and Barry head

RE: TORSO - messyjessy2222 - 07-07-2010

Hey Andama! I was just wondering how much you will be selling this lil' boy if you are not keeping him. I have been looking for a while for a boy or girl with a torso or full body. If you are not selling him, do you mind telling me where i could get a already reborned baby with a full body or half body, in Australia, and how much i might get him/her for? Thanks, can't wait for a reply Smile

RE: TORSO - andama - 07-07-2010

Hi Hun,
Hunter has been adopted and is now at his new home Sorry.


RE: TORSO - messyjessy2222 - 07-09-2010

oh, okay. Thanks anyway