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CONNOR - andama - 04-29-2010

Connor by Heather Boneham

This is an interesting sculpt to work with, the head looks and feels like a secrest kit aka a squeeky
The limbs however are just amazing as there is so much detail in them and they look beautiful are are especially good for the really new born look of a baby.

This is a good kit for beginners and experienced artists and I would have to say if I got another kit and got it on sale I would throw the head away and use the limbs with a different head and not because the kit is bad but because the limbs are just so amazing. There are some beautiful heads to reborn with the most crappy limbs where as this kit has an average head with stunning 3/4 limbs.
Takes paint well and is easy to coat with Genesis heat set paints.
Baby is about 17 inches when finished.

[Image: IMG_7637.jpg]


RE: CONNOR - ordinary miracles reborn - 04-29-2010

lol Andi you know you can buy the limbs seperate no need to buy the kit and chuck the head lol
hugs gayle

RE: CONNOR - jules1 - 04-29-2010

thanks for letting us know. he is BB isnt he?

Its always great when the BB ones that are so affordable turn out to have really good detail. have you tried the aleina peterson ones? I was so impressed by Jaden. - more like a much more expensive kit- good ears, hands and feet. The head has that kind of newborn dimpling on the forehead- you know when they scrunch their faces and you can see the skull shape thru the skin.

Whereas the very popular honey and sugar have very un-noteworthy limbs, ears etc.- dissappointing.


RE: CONNOR - andama - 04-29-2010

How interesting about the sugar and honey sculpt I was actually thinking about getting them, may have a closer look at them.
BB? I have no idea what that is.


RE: CONNOR - ordinary miracles reborn - 04-29-2010

Andi BB is just short for bountiful baby

RE: CONNOR - andama - 04-29-2010

Ahhh cheers girl thanks for that, I sometimes feel that we abbreviate so much these days and I am now unable to keep up lol must be an age thing.


RE: CONNOR - judy54 - 04-30-2010

LOL your not on your own Andama

Judy x

RE: CONNOR - jules1 - 05-02-2010

Sugar' face is absolutely fantastic. I loooooved doing her!!!
Honey is a bit 'flat' in my view in comparison.but still nice. Limbs on both are the same and disappointing.

I strongly recommend jaden and morgan by aleina peterson for surprisingly good sculpts for the price.

RE: CONNOR - Cindy J - 05-02-2010

thanks jules..

i dont need reasons to buy more LOL


RE: CONNOR - jules1 - 05-03-2010

always my please to assist!!