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Meg again !! - katescradles - 01-08-2018

Hi ladies, all my bidders pulled out on my Meg just before Christmas :Sad so here she is again   [Image: clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: 1_zpsihkrhooa.jpg]
[Image: 2_zpssuuet1sf.jpg]

RE: Meg again !! - threads - 01-08-2018

sorry to hear that, she is lovely, still one of the best sculpts

RE: Meg again !! - kiwiserenity - 01-08-2018

She is lovely and I love her painted hair, Very well done.

RE: Meg again !! - pia - 01-10-2018

Beautifully painted! Love the hair.

RE: Meg again !! - amelo1969 - 01-11-2018

She is adorable and will find a home soon.

RE: Meg again !! - andama - 01-13-2018

Well I think she is gorgeous and she will fins a home very quickly

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