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Dream baby, introducing Tulip! - Bobbin - 12-22-2017

Hi everyone! It's been far too long since I last enjoyed the site, and after bringing this little one home I hope to enjoy the community on the regular. So without further delay, I'd like ya to meet Tulip! (Named after a favourite character in Storks.) 

Tulip is the realborn Sleeping Kimberly kit of Bountiful Baby for those curious. 20 inches long, weighing in at 6lbs and 9oz! I've adored this sculpt for well over a year now and originally planned on Reborning one myself, so there's no way I could resist when I saw a local nursery introduce her. As silly as it may sound I can hardly bring myself to set her down while at home, haha! She's only been home a day but I absolutely adore her. Here's hoping you guys love her, too! 

[Image: TJGl3VF.jpg]
[Image: xaCuNRj.jpg]
[Image: DyNVAkP.jpg]

RE: Dream baby, introducing Tulip! - pia - 12-24-2017

She is a real little sweetie!

RE: Dream baby, introducing Tulip! - threads - 12-24-2017

she is indeed a little sweetie

RE: Dream baby, introducing Tulip! - katescradles - 12-24-2017

awww very sweet xx