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WIP x 3 - andama - 12-21-2017

I have been working on dolls using fabric which I then paint and I am loving how they are turning out anyway so far

I have made the patterns cut them out stitched them up and today I painted them
so far so good and so different
One goat
One crone
One elf

[Image: DSC01923.jpg][Image: DSC01924.jpg]

These are my wip drying on the line lol

[Image: DSC02011.jpg]

[Image: DSC02012.jpg]

[Image: DSC02013.jpg]

[Image: DSC02016.jpg]

[Image: DSC02017.jpg]


RE: WIP x 3 - kiwiserenity - 12-21-2017

You are very creative and I look forward to seeing them finished.

RE: WIP x 3 - pia - 12-22-2017

WOW! I am looking forward to seeing the finished work!

RE: WIP x 3 - threads - 12-24-2017

you have such a talent for creating different things, looking great so far, but like the others can't wait to see them totally finished

RE: WIP x 3 - cherielynn09 - 12-31-2017

I love the goat!!! Can't really tell much about the others....can't wait to see pix of them ALL done up!!!! Bet they will be SO cute!!!

RE: WIP x 3 - andama - 01-01-2018

I am back to work on these three this coming week and who knows I may even them finished.

What is everyone else working on