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Glen Heddwen - andama - 11-26-2017

Been working on my LOVED TO DEATH dolls and this is Glen Heddwen
she is just finished and I have used 95% recycled materials

[Image: DSC01458.jpg]

[Image: DSC01460.jpg]

[Image: DSC01433.jpg]


RE: Glen Heddwen - pia - 11-27-2017

You are clever!

RE: Glen Heddwen - kiwiserenity - 11-28-2017

That is very cool Big Grin

RE: Glen Heddwen - andama - 11-28-2017

Thanks for that Judy and Pia


RE: Glen Heddwen - threads - 12-01-2017

can admire the work that went into making her, but not for me I am sorry to say

RE: Glen Heddwen - katescradles - 12-01-2017

Very artistic and creative but not personally my thing .... I can totally appreciate the work that has gone into her though Smile

RE: Glen Heddwen - andama - 12-01-2017

These dolls are a bit like reborns I have found people either love or hate them. I get a lot of people in the shop loving the whole idea but they would never have one in their homes