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Colliii - andama - 10-27-2017

I remember when Colliii started and was all about reborn dolls and they hit the internet like a virus lol but now I see very little about them at all. Does anyone enter any of their competitions anymore and what do they do now.
I know how much I disliked them and had to go to all kinds of lengths to stop them spamming my sites and Baby Banter it cost me a lot of money so deep down inside I am rather happy to see them dwindling in their popularity

I am unable to find anything about them online since 2013 so thought I would ask you guys


RE: Colliii - cherielynn09 - 10-28-2017

They pretty much instantly went down...I have no clue what happened or why they went defunct!!

They were there one day and gone the next....

RE: Colliii - andama - 10-29-2017

I feel that because they hacked and spammed so many sites people really got pissed off with them and they wanted so much from their advertisers for free that they also pissed them off.

They really wanted to control the world and made no friends in the way they went about things so it was a case of reap what you.

No loss as far as I am concerned


RE: Colliii - threads - 12-01-2017

nasty load of people running that site

RE: Colliii - andama - 12-01-2017

I have to admit I didn't like them but it didn't matter as they really liked themselves lol