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Monroe WIP - Cherie - 08-31-2017

Monroe by Sandy Faber

Light brown hair to root!

[Image: thumbnail_20170831_153030.jpg]

RE: Monroe WIP - cherielynn09 - 08-31-2017

OHHHH...he is so sweet!!! Reminds me a teeny bit of a Legler sculpt!!

RE: Monroe WIP - Cherie - 09-01-2017

Nicer colouring than photo shows, he has turned out lovely! Carn't wait until I finish him now!

RE: Monroe WIP - pia - 09-06-2017

Such a sweet sculpt! Sandy has another one coming up SOON with a bit of a smile. Can't think of the name - maybe "James"?

RE: Monroe WIP - vicky - 09-07-2017

awhh lovely face, lovely.

RE: Monroe WIP - kiwiserenity - 09-07-2017

He has a very sweet face.

RE: Monroe WIP - andama - 09-07-2017

love the face


RE: Monroe WIP - katescradles - 09-07-2017

ooohh, I like this one Smile