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Scissor tree - andama - 08-02-2017

I get so annoyed when I am working as I am forever putting my scissors down then of course can not find them and I also seem to end up with them all over the house

This little $1 cutie saves me the hassle when it comes to finding my scissors

I found this mug tree at an op shop.

[Image: iuytfghb_zpsk3b4yllt.jpg]


RE: Scissor tree - cherielynn09 - 08-03-2017

Holy find the best uses for stuff!!!! NOW...I'll be shopping for MULTIPLE coffee mug trees!!!

RE: Scissor tree - andama - 08-03-2017

lol I look for them everywhere I go, happy hunting


RE: Scissor tree - threads - 08-03-2017

I have loads of pairs, by my chair, on the dining room table where I cut out, about a dozen pairs in my sewing room hanging from screws under shelves, never without a pair and all same make Fiskars, spent a fortune on them all at one time or another, different pairs for different things though

RE: Scissor tree - amelo1969 - 08-03-2017

Mine are very well hidden, because my husband and daughter use to borrow them and never return, LOL!

RE: Scissor tree - threads - 08-06-2017

My hubby has ruined a few pairs to cut paper and sring with, he now has his own with his name taped on, low and behold if he picks up a pair of mine by mistake, he has been warned lol

RE: Scissor tree - andama - 08-07-2017

I have to say everyone knows to leave my scissors alone on threat of serious pain lol


RE: Scissor tree - amelo1969 - 08-07-2017

LOL!! Big Grin