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Nina - Missly - 07-02-2017

[Image: 20170625_171541.jpg]
Just posting a pic of her hair taken today with sunny weather at last[Image: IMG_1745.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1755_2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1770_2.jpg]
Nina has rooted eyebrows and lashes. This kit was a pleasure to reborn.
I also love that she has a longer neck than most.

RE: Nina - andama - 07-02-2017

wow what an expression, love her and her outfit

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RE: Nina - Missly - 07-02-2017

Thank you Andi. Really need to improve my photography skills big time. Sigh!!

RE: Nina - pia - 07-06-2017

Love her! I have the kit in my stash!

RE: Nina - Missly - 07-06-2017

Thanks Pia hope you enjoy reborning her as much as I did.

RE: Nina - threads - 07-07-2017

What a great job you have made of her, loving what you have done, and rooted eyebrows now I am really impressed, would not attempt them msyelf, but yours are superb

RE: Nina - Missly - 07-08-2017

Oh wow thank you so much.!