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Hairy Twig - andama - 07-01-2017

been working on some fantasy creatures for the Glen Innes Winter wonderland festival and this little boy is called Twig lol

he is a lovely soft fur with ball joints

[Image: IMG_7254_zpsermi0wvl.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7246_zpsl1m0mmnb.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7245_zpsqr189gr0.jpg]

I am working on his girlfriend


RE: Hairy Twig - threads - 07-02-2017

what a great name, so looking forward to seeing pictures of the festival

RE: Hairy Twig - andama - 07-02-2017

I am at the stage now where I just want it to be over lol


RE: Hairy Twig - Missly - 07-02-2017

O my gosh, look at those eyes. Lol Best of luck with it all.

RE: Hairy Twig - pia - 07-06-2017

I think you are the MOST creative and imaginative person I know! Twig is adorable!

RE: Hairy Twig - cherielynn09 - 07-06-2017

He is SOOOOOO cute!!!! Pia is are SO's not fair!!! LOL

RE: Hairy Twig - threads - 07-07-2017

Andama has so much creative ability, its not fair lol, seriously you really do.

RE: Hairy Twig - andama - 07-10-2017

I tell you what reading those lovely comments really brings a smile to my face but if anyone is interested I often envy you guys and your skills and Maxina I had a crochet lesson on Sunday and loved it