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Hi - Snuggleknits(Val) - 06-19-2017


I was a member sometime age but couldn't find the link after getting a new pc. Luckily found the link via Facebook so now I will be posting again.

If any of you don't know me, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an avid knitter and newly learned crocheter. I make and sell outfits/accessories for babies and reborn dolls. I do most of my selling now (re-opened in feb 2017) on Etsy as its easier for me, to show off my work. I also have a showcase website which shows past items I have made and I am on Facebook too!

So if anyone is interested please pm me for the link to Etsy or my website. I will also do custom orders.

RE: Hi - katescradles - 06-20-2017

Hello Val, welcome back Smile Your outfits are gorgeous !!

RE: Hi - Cherie - 06-20-2017

Hi Val, I have PM you! Smile Welcome back!

RE: Hi - Snuggleknits(Val) - 06-21-2017

Thanks Kate its nice to be back

(06-20-2017, 06:42 PM)Cherie Wrote: Hi Val, I have PM you! Smile Welcome back!

Hi Cherie where have you pm me on here? If so I don't have any messages

RE: Hi - Cherie - 06-21-2017

Oh ok, just sent on the button that says send pm. Would like your website please to check out your work!

RE: Hi - Snuggleknits(Val) - 06-22-2017

Hi I have now linked my etsy shop to the website button.

This is the address to showcase website