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Hello from New Zealand - whiskerssue - 05-31-2017


and thank you for adding me. I am an artist living in New Zealand and I run a tiny gallery from our home. We sell my work and the work of my partner. I do the paintings , sculptures , dolls and creatures and he does the photography.I love working from my home and being in a safe and quiet home envoronment all the time. I dont miss office politics one bit! I am new to reborn dolls and want to make some for myself and maybe start a collection. I have been learning mainly from you tube videos and online. I have started playing with cheap store baby dolls just to practice the painting techniques and seeing what I need to purchase for reborning. Budget is a huge consideration - so I have to go really slowly.

I have always loved dolls- and made dolls and bears for many years. I really wanted to work with porcelain dolls some years ago - but the set up cost of a kiln , molds etc was just too much.That is why I love the idea of reborn dolls...all the fun and no really heavy running costs eg a kiln and power.

I am happy to be here and meet all of you .

RE: Hello from New Zealand - Cherie - 06-01-2017

Hi, and welcome to baby Banter, I am also from New Zealand, I have been reborning for a few years now, you will be hooked for sure. This is a great place to chat and discuss anything you need help with, so I hope you find it helpful! Smile

RE: Hello from New Zealand - andama - 06-02-2017

Hi and welcome to Baby Banter,
I also run my business from home or I guess I really live in the business premises. Would love to see photos of your work and hear more about what you do


RE: Hello from New Zealand - whiskerssue - 06-02-2017

Thank you for the lovely welcome. I am delighted to find another NZ member on here. I pm'ed you . I love the process of reborning and would love to learn more - get proper paints and a kit to play with. I am really making them for myself

I will post some pictures of my work soon.Working from home is great. I love the peace of it. Can get isolated a bit but I am an introvert so I dont mind so much. The wee critters keep me company until the cowboy comes home .

RE: Hello from New Zealand - kiwiserenity - 06-02-2017

Hi Sue, Welcome to Baby Banter Big Grin

RE: Hello from New Zealand - mariazteca - 06-03-2017

Hi, and welcome to baby Banter Smile

RE: Hello from New Zealand - whiskerssue - 06-03-2017

Thank you so much for the welcome.. am stunned at how many of you have/make such lovely dolls....ohhhh!! so happy to be here!

RE: Hello from New Zealand - pia - 06-03-2017

Welcome to Baby Banter!

RE: Hello from New Zealand - threads - 06-07-2017

Welcome to Baby Banter

RE: Hello from New Zealand - whiskerssue - 06-07-2017

Thank you !! I love the crochet baby clothing .. and seeing all your dolls. I just paid for my first baby!!! I hope to get in this weekend. fingers crossed!!!very very excited!!