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Good Afternoon Ladies - threads - 03-21-2017

Good Afternoon to you all, hope you are enjoying your day.

We were up and away at 7.30am this morning for a big shop, had breakfast at the supermarket, very good it was too. Home by 10.30am. sorting out boxes of stuff, have put a few things on my FB page for sale.

Guy here for car service, its passed its MOT, well its only done 1.010 since
last year lol, most of that done by Hubby. Car is 10 years old and has just
turned 21,000 in total, will keep it as it runs perfectly in all kinds of weather, and would not get much back. I rarely drive now as knees not safe, they have a tendency to go their own way, not good when driving, but we use it when we go to London fits in little places.

I am off now to start another order.

RE: Good Afternoon Ladies - cherielynn09 - 03-21-2017

Good least here in Ohio!!!

Sounds like you have had a very busy and productive be out and about and back home by 10:30!!!

It's just past 7 am here...I'm getting breakfast (a granola bar...haha)....then will be off to the gym this morning!!

I go twice a week....would go more...but it's a 25 minute drive to town and by the time you drive....spend time at the a few errand....then drive's at least 4-5 hours of the day just gone!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!

RE: Good Afternoon Ladies - threads - 03-21-2017

I used to go swimming at 5am - they let me in early - it is a spa hotel so always open, I would swim a mile, two or three times a week, but when my spine and knees got arthritic they did not want to go the way I wanted them to go, so after many years I had to give up my subscription, so miss swimming, but was no good for my knees and back. I am £75 a month better off so spend that on kits and crochet yarn and fabric lol - Never been keen on the gym, tried it at the Spa but not interesting enough for me, good that you go though you will keep fit for sure.