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Hey all was just wondering if anyone of u had ever used YAK hair for rooting ur dolls my sister works in a wig shop and they make the wigs using real hair and acrylic hair and also YAK hair. she said she though YAK hair would probably be the same as mohair or similar anyone tried it ?
she is getting me it for 5 pounds it is usually 30 per bail whatever that is so i told her to get me some to see what is is like it may not be any use but then again it is only 5 pounds so its not like i will be too out of pocket Smile

Really love reborns Smile
I have no ever used yak hair so I will be really interested to see what it looks like and what it is like to use. I will also be interested to see if anyone else here has tried it.

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Andama Dujon

I haven't used Yak hair before it may be alittle to coarse (sp?) for the newborns but should be ok on older babies to toddlers not sure how easy it would be to root though.
I have used alpaca before and love it i use that for all my straight hair now
hugs gayle
Thanks sorry gayle as i am new i am not sure what (sp) is? I thought it was worth a try seen as my sister can get such a huge discount for me at her work lol if it doesn't work out its not to much of a loss, I was using the cheap mohair on my practice babies but as i am sure u will all know it was not so easy with all different lengths. She has a few different types of hair at her work so might try a few options and see how they work out on practice babies thou lol.
She works in a place that does wigs for people with cancer and also make-up for burn victims so she has access to a lot of supplies ie sponges, brushes and she is also going to see if she can source me GHP so that will be brill if she can sure she will get them much cheaper she only just told me last night that she can get rooting tools and needles lol tells me that after i have been and got it all lol. Anyway i will keep u posted on what i think of the yak hair and others as i come across them and post pics when poss of the results if any.

Really love reborns Smile
Will be interesting to see how the yak hair goes. We have some friends who worked in Mongolia for a few months and they said how friendly the yaks were, they even liked a cuddle!!! (think they may have been having me on about that bit!!)

Where do you buy Alpaca hair from Gayle? Is it easy to get? Sounds like it works well.

Karen xxx
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I just love my dolls!

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