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Worlds best reborn doll sculptor
There are many sculptors / artists who design these wonderful kits for us but who do we consider to be the best in the world at their craft.

I have never seen any comment from Artists as to who we would give an award to when it comes to the designing and quality of these kits EXCLUDING full silicone.

I know we all have our favorite's so lets do a list with reasons why and will put it to a poll online and make it a peoples choice. I personally would love to know who reborn doll artists consider the best in the world when it comes to design

list your favorite sculptor or designer in the area of reborn dolls and we will put the list on line for public voting

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Andama Dujon

Laura Lee Eagles , Natalie Scholl , Bonnie Brown... three of my favorites

All sculpt very true to life babies, with beautiful detailed limbs
I have a thing for limbs and the realness of them so I tend to agree with you there

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Andama Dujon

thats 3 of us then, but also love Romies babies, the early ones
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Laura Lee Eagles, Olga Auer, Bonnie Brown and Gudrun Legler for me Smile
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Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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(05-15-2017, 08:51 AM)katescradles Wrote: Laura Lee Eagles, Olga Auer, Bonnie Brown and Gudrun Legler for me Smile

Ditto for me. I also really like Marita Winters babies.
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Bonnie Brown, Gudrun Legler, and Romies babies as I like the realness of the feet and hands, that's what I usually look for in a kit now, so would rather only buy a couple of kits if that's all I can afford than buying average kits, with average details. I love real babies hands and feet Smile I will have to think which kits I love the best though!
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Romie Strydom, Natali Blick, Marita Winters, Karola Wegerich, Bonnie Brown. Jannie de Lange, Alicia Toner.....I could go on as there are so many talented sculptors and beautiful new kits coming out. I can't pick a favourite.
Bonnie Brown, Laura Lee Eagles, Natali Blick, Marita Winters are my top favorites.

Realborn babies are also amazing.

Andrea Melo
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