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William's Halloween Party
I agree and remind people that they are exspensive too.
I always tell people to handle them like they are real and most of the time theyare good but every once in awhile you get that one that wants to do something totally stupid.
He did look adorable in his pumpkin outfit though.
I like giving them a squinch and don't mind others doing it as long as it's with love.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Hi i may only be 13 but i handle my reborn doll so carefully especially when i change her. People at school think i am weird because i have dolls that i 'care for' but they don't see them as real babies which i do. I always wonder to myself if i am weird and need mental help i really hope not i LOVE babies and my doll is such a nice thing to have if i have had a bad day or i feel sad a few cuddles with Hope and i feel better. People don't understand what it is like to have one of these dolls.
Amy Smilexx
Proud Mummy To:

Reborn Collector

I'm 23 Amy and sometimes I think I must be mental too lol. I think it's just a way our maternal instincts manifest themselves. Besides, reborns are so much fun to have. Like you said, I love to hug mine and sit them on my lap while I watch tv. They're constant companions, always there for you. I know it's dumb, but everybody said to return Calista (whose name I'm planning to change) when she came to me full of defects but I couldn't bear to do it. Once I opened up that box she became mine and my responsability to take care of. I didn't want to return her, I felt really bad for her. If I told that to any psychiatrist they'd probably lock me up. Which, on the good side, would give me a few days off work ^_^ LOL
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Your too cute Caroline. :-)
There is no difference to me than someone who has a favorite blanky that they want when they are sad or sick. These babies are so realistic I believe and heard that when we hold them and coddle them like a real baby our brain responds and releases endorpens like when you hold a real baby and thats where the good and happy feelings come from. Of course this would only be if you actually like real ones. LOL!
I am a maker but I still love to snuggle them.:-)
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