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Can anyone suggest a good wig for my baby girl? She currently has a terrible fake hair wig on (shes a paradise galleries baby) and it is falling out, feels scratchy and horrific to be honest lol.
Just wondering if there's any way i could get her a softer more lifelike wig? Without getting her rooted? (only because rooting would cost an arm and a leg as she has a pretty big head- in my opinion lol)

Any help or names to google search would be awesome. Also, anything i should and shouldn't be looking for when looking for hair? i have absolutely NO idea about this stuff lol.

I'm not sure what style you want but here is a post about a wig I got for a doll earlier this year:

It's really soft as it's mohair rather than synthetic but it does tend to get tangled very easily
Thanks Shelly! Your baby is beautiful!
Baby is very beautiful.

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