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Why do reborn kits vary from $29 ---$100?
I'm back again.Would someone try to tell me what is the difference is between a $29.00 doll to reborn and and a $69 to $100 doll to reborn.They all seem to have nice faces (well most do.) So what sets them apart?
Thanks, Issabelle
good question and I don't think there is a real difference the only thing is they are made by different companies and in different parts or the world, secrist is one of the cheapest brands they I know of and are very good kits for beginners and alot of experianced artists use them as well
limited edition kits often cost more, as do the larger size baby and toddler kits and it also depends on the artist who sculpted the baby as to how much you can expect to pay.
I have no idea if i answered your question properly or not but i hope that I did
hugs gayle
Ordinary miracles reborn, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thank you, Issabelle
I think the price is based on a number of things.
The number of dolls made
Where they are made
The quality of the doll
The realistic look of the doll
I guess the old saying of " you get what you pay for" may apply here as well as some of the kits over $100 are so lovely to work on and can be so beautiful when finished.

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Andama Dujon

It seems to also depend on whether the doll is soft or hard vinyl.
Reborns are the best of children...they don't eat, they don't sick and they don't mess... they don't love either but 3 out of 4 ain't bad

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