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where do YOU shop
I alway order from collectable kids she very nice and alway good price.
Hugs NIM
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I use lyn'srebornworld mostly, but I buy my fillings from stillmoments and usually buy my eyes, eyelashes etc from vynetts. I have started using for kits too. They have really good selection of bodies and I saw the other day they sell the premium mohair too. If all else fails and I cant find what I am after i look on ebay Tongue
Next time you are looking around, try my shop. I am always trying to add more items to my stock and offer everything at the best prices I can.
I always shop on ebay for dolls,buggies,display baskets and other things. I get some clothes from ebay or my gran knits or i get them from charity shops i got a beautiful brand new snow suit for £3 still with tags on that say price £12 what a bargain and it had little ears my baby Hope suits it so much.
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