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When start selling our babies?
This is a question that goes all the time in my mind.

How can we know (we, newbies) if we are ready to sell the babies we reborn?

How did you (estabilished artists) knew it was the right time?

I am asking this because although I am doing a good work, with care, love, quality, it's a 'starter' work and has imperfections, and people may be afraid to buy, or may not appreciate my baby, etc. Of course, compared to the work of real artists (which I am not), my babies are still the work of an 'amateur', even if they are made with all the care and quality I can put on them right now. It may not be good enough... and that worries me.

I would like to hear what you think about this and how was your first experiences selling your babies. Smile

Andrea Melo
Reborn Dolls
Reborn Babies
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Bonecas Realistas
Great topic! I am really looking forward to the responses here!
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Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

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I sold or gave away my early babies to friends and family!!
I was thrown in the deep end really,when i struck a deal with Alzheimers Australia to be their sole supplier. I was lucky that my special effects training gave me a bit of a leg up ( understanding skin tones and colour physics helped a lot.)
the hair was a different journey... I always rate my dolls as BEFORE forked and 26 gauge needles were available and AFTER forked and 26 gauge needles. were available.
I have never sold on Ebay as I already have a market.which will soon get a whole lot bigger if I get the job working as part of the Alzheimers behavioural management team.(Have an interview next Tuesday)
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Liveffects Nursery-Reborn Baby Dolls
I have family who want to buy her (new baby) but as expected, don't have the money to do so and I will NOT play the "I'll-pay-you-when-I-get-my-next-check" game! Not with my family ~ LOL~ it backfires, trust me! Tongue

That's AWESOME to hear Sue that you have a major client in Alzheimers Australia. I met a lady who was forming a new facility with Alzheimers patients in Pasadena. I told her about the babies and she handed me a business card...maybe I should call her???????? She sounded fascinated with the idea of the babies and that prior research has proven that reborns have a soothing effect on Alzheimer patients. I know my father (who has dementia) always grins really big and starts to sing at babies when he sees them. He even askes about them during the day out of no where. Cute.

Andrea, this was a great question! I worry about the quality of my newest baby (I need to make her announcement). It's raining hard today - no good daylight for pictures. But I am wondering what someone will think of this baby. I think she's good enough to sell - I worked very carefully with her more than the other baby (which I knew I was keeping). I don't want to ask too low since after I figured the expenses for all the materials for her, she added up to over $100, but I got her a couple of outfits to add to sale. Kind of like a 'thank you.' That's why I was asking about the wholesale license. It would be so much cheaper to be able to buy clothes, pacis, bottles, etc this way. Retail is rough!

Okay, enough babbling ~ sorry!
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~Laurie Marie~
Be My Baby Nursery
I just made a web site and it was very slow at first but have sold every baby I have made so I would just put them out there and price according to your work in comparison to other work in your area.
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I've only sold 3 babies so far, so consider myself a novice seller.
The last and most recent sale in January, was for 1 of my earlier ones, so I actually stated that in the introduction of my auction. I think it helps to be honest.
As for the price, take a good look at what's listed on eBay and try to work out what you think you could ask for your babe.
There's no easy answer, it's a difficult task, believe me!
Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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I didnt sell my first few babies, when I look back I dont feel the first I sold were good enough really, but they sold easily back then, the reborns were so sort after I got £185 for the first I sold
If you want to sell Andrea explain that your new to reborning & try to get back what you have paid to make your baby ..... Lots of people out there want cheap reborns, Im always getting asked in emails for cheap babies. I just tell them to be careful if there looking for cheap dolls, that its very expensive to make these babies.
Good Luck If you Give it a try Andrea x
Great advice ladies. Definitely important things to consider...

I keep going back and forth with this new baby - not sure if she's ugly or cute Sad Yikes... My family loves her and say she looks so much more real than Rosie. Every time I start to take pictures so I can give her an official intro on here, something comes up. The camera battery was completely dead and it was raining today, plus I was getting things ready for tomorrow - dad's got a doctor's appt super early in the morning. Since he'll be a new patient I have to get all his paperwork in order. Because I'm worrying over him, I'm not getting good sleep at night (and I'm on sleeping pills, so go figure on that one!).

I'll try to post her picture tomorrow...poor baby. Sad
[Image: LaurieMarie.jpg]
~Laurie Marie~
Be My Baby Nursery
i think after ur first try u can sell if u love ur work enuf.. i sold my second baby i reborned and the buyer loved her, which made me feel so good! just sad seeing them go, i cuddle them alot before new mommy get em lol
I think as long as you mention that you are new to the art forum when selling them then why not and many artists sell their early bubs cheap so they can buy more kits.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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