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whats your choice of places to sell
There are so many people making reborn/ art dolls and I was wondering where people sell their dolls and what they think works best.

I love social media however I have a forum and blog both of which bring in many sales. I also have one and half shops (one opens in three months) and find they attract new buyers who have generally only every heard of reborn dolls or have never seen one in the flesh so to speak

I have never used ebay or etsy to sell but many many many people do and of course we hear all the horror stories that go along with using these services.
So what do you guys use and what do you feel the market needs

[Image: Screen_shot_2017-12-15_at_8.22.27_AM.png]

[Image: Screen_shot_2017-12-15_at_8.22.35_AM.png]

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I sell mine at doll shows,  I sell 3/4 per show, which is just about all I can
manage to make as also do crochet clothes and sewn clothes.   I do 4 shows
a year.  I have put the odd one or two on a forum on FB for selling and sold
them last month , which was good.     I only reborn on a Monday when a friend
comes over don't usually have time to do any during the week, but made
time this year to try FB and it worked so will hopefully do same next year.
Designer crochet baby clothing 

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I sell some customs where people contact me, some on Facebook and some on Ebay.

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