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What is the difference between vinyl and silicon?
Could somebody please explain what is the difference between dolls made of vinyl, silicon and silicon/vinyl?
Thanks Smile
vinyl is what most doll kits are made of.. silicone vinyl has a lot of silicone in the mix.. so the vinyl is softer and will squish a little.

silicones are all silicone.. their squishy and feel like real baby skin and look extreamly real.

Hi cindy!
I have to say cindy is right.. and silicone you have to powder offten, b/c fuzz and hair or just dust in the air will stick you the doll. the only way to get it off it to powder the doll. Nan
[Image: DSC04334.jpg]

Just to add to that, solid silicone dolls are very expensive and you need a special paint to paint them, and you have to sand the paint off you cant use a paint remover.

Sometimes silicone/vinyl mix dolls have difficulty in keeping the paint on and you need to seal them first. They are however lovely to reborn and hold.
I have contacted the manufacturer of my troublesome doll and also asked them this question, this is what they answered:

"First to answer the question regarding the different vinyls. - There is no silicone vinyl available, although it is called like that. Technically it is not possible to mix vinyl and silicone, it is either vinyl or silicone. The reason why it is called silicone vinyl is because it is very soft. That is caused by using more softening agents in the vinyl. The different vinyls do not require different handling. "

So now I am totally confused. Especially as I have also purchased kit that was described as silicone. It was not expensive ($50).

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