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what diaper hides 3/4 cloth leg
Hi Folks!

I have Gemma sculpt by Donna Rubert. She has 3/4 arms and legs.
I'm trying to find a diaper that nicely hides the cloth part of leg. I read somewhere to pull the diaper down lower than normal, which does help. Right now I have her in huggies size 2 and i have to keep adjusting them.

I thought maybe some of you could make recommendations so that I don't have to buy 20 packs of diapers for trial and error. Smile

Thank you!
I have not found a diaper that covers the 3/4 leg! Usually just pull a ruffle leg panty on or clothing with a longer leg. Many of the 3/4 leg limbs actually have enough thigh length to use s full leg body! That is the real solution IMO!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Yes Pia is right no nappy will cover ..I use little cotton knickers over the top that I have made .. or yes, a lot will take a full leg body. I think their are more and more full limbs being made now much better too x
I have made 104 pairs of knickers in the last month alone, that does successfully hide the nappy underneath - no more for a while thats for sure
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thanks for the useful info. i'll check your site out too.

i wanted to let you know a little solution i found (i'm sure this is old news to lots of people. i'm new here.)

Dollar Tree here in Texas has 5 pack looney toons diapers for $1 so i could buy a couple packs and experiment without breaking the bank. i ended up putting a size 3 on, then a size 4 over it, and tucking the thin top part in so it wasn't so high up on her body. it works pretty nicely. very nicely actually. with the smaller diaper under it, it helps to fill it out so she doesn't look like she's swimming in it. and when you go to fasten the diaper, pull the tabs downward a little so as to help hold it in place.

Good tip I may give that a go

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Andama Dujon


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