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Wanting to start reborning. Is there anything i should know?
Any tips you have/techniques you know of would be very helpful.
i also would like to find some decent tutorials because the last thing i want is to mess the reborn process up in some way.

last thing: i am creating a shopping list for basic stuff needed for the bebes i.e clothes, blankets and other things, so if you have anything you package with yours, let me know please. (don't have to do this, this is optional)
I think you will find there are lots of tutorials online especially on utube and I suggest you perhaps do a course with an artist even if it is an online course.

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Andama Dujon

I would suggest you buy a DVD from Jayne of Tinkerbells Creations you get two DD;s one for painting and stuffing etc and one for rooting, both DVD's worth their weight in gold. I also did a couse with Jayne and it was very imformative, the DVD followed the course.

I would not worry about blankets clothes etc until you have mastered the art of reborning, its not as easy as a lot of people think, you will need a cooker of somesort a variety of paints the DVD tells you what paints, thinners, different brushes for different things, buy the DVD its wwo well worth it.
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I agree with Max and Andama. You are in the UK, there are wonderful artists there who teach, so, do a course, even if it is an online one.
I bought DVDs to learn the art, and watched many videos in Youtube.
Even now, I read tutorials and watch my DVDs (and attend to courses).
You can buy a starter kit with the basic materials and Jayne's DVDs at Tinkerbell Creations.

Cassie Brace (I Art Reborn is her store) also has a wonderful DVD, very concise and easy to follow.

Andrea Melo
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I have the Cassie on, but preferred the Jayne one she was more detailed I thought, but
both easy to use over and over gain I check things - I made a crib sheet of all the basic things to do first, second stc, so its by my side when painting
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