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Vynettes bassinettes
I have been shopping at Vynettes Bassinette Queensland Australia for many years and I like to use her because her postage is very fast and she stocks some good products.

Her doll selection is very limited but for beginner artists she does have some great learning dolls at really good prices.

I use vynettes for

cable ties,
and Needles

The reason I like Vynettes for these products is she sells them in bulk as well as single and the savings for bulk buying is really good. She sells in lots of 5 and 10 as well and you can save a lot on items that will always get used.
I don't like her mohair as the quality is not good but again for a learner it is often a great way to start however her curly mohair would test even the most experienced artist lol.

Do I recommend her???? YES and she is one of the few suppliers that does bulk buying and has lots of odd little sales on things such as cable ties etc.
I should also mention she has premixed paints made especially for her store and I have also used these. I like her premixed baby tan and her premixed baby skin as she has a few different colour tones.
She is now on ebay and is a recommend and safe seller seller
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Andama Dujon

She is lovely to deal with Smile
~ Sandra ~

Kirby Kids Nursery
I always found her great and very fast with communication

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Andama Dujon

I agree, Vynette is great to deal with, and very pleasant.
Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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Always good to know there are good suppliers out thereSmile

Brig xXx
I fully agree, I've bought a lot of things from Vynette over the years and always found her very honest and pleasant to deal with Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

Ditto to all the above I like Vynettes service very much. always quickQ!
I buy from Vynette all the time highly recommend.
Cheers bek
Me too! I think i've bought enough of her supplies to start my own little business lol
I do agree with Andama on the selection of kits and that she has so much available of other bits and pieces and great bulk sales. Her eyelashes are lovely!!
I buy from Vynette too, it's nice to have someone here in Australia to buy these items from and I too would recommend her to everyone.
Sharon Barnard
Reborn Baby Dolls created in Adelaide, South Australia

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