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Very Impatient Sellers
To the point, when buying from sellers some of them are so impatient they can not wait for payment. I made a offer to purchase a inexpensive baby item. I requested two days to pay in my offer- which the seller accepted, but before the two days was up the lady was already emailing me asking when I was going to pay? What gives.

I took the extra step when my offer was accepted and emailed the lady to confirm and let her know when to expect payment.

Are these doll sellers so desperate for money they can not wait. I can see if I had not paid within the time frame but she did not even wait until the time frame had passed to ask for payment.

Looks like she got up this morning and said to herself, this is the second day, where is my payment? Mind you the second day just started. I thought a day was 24 hours.

These kind of sellers get on my nerves. Problem is you don't know you got one of them until they show their true colors. I understand there are deadbeat buyers in the world but before you put every buyer in that classification make sure you are in the right. Give the person a chance to keep their word.

Oh, the item was under $20....
The problem is the number of buyers (like yourself) that do not follow through and complete the purchase. It makes it tough on the honest buyers! When I do an eBay auction, I want IMMEDIATE payment at the end of the auction. The seller is being cautious! Hope it works out and you end up being fast friends!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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I require payment within 3 days of the auction end...BUT....I want to HEAR from
my buyer IMMEDIATELY concerning their payment and when it can be expected.

Usually if I do not hear from them within 24 hours, I will email them....just to make sure they ARE a serious buyer....

I have gotten burned byTWO non-paying bidders in the last month or so...and so it is nerve wracking not to hear anything from the buyer....communication is critical!!!!
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