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Very cool
I was walking my dogs this morning and two different neighbours came out and gave me veg from their gardens which I though was very nice, one gave me beans they had just picked and the other little cheery tomatoes, a kind act is a great way to start a day

[Image: IMG_9517.jpg]

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Wow you cant beat that ..the friendliness of your neighbours or how nice those beans and tomatoes will taste !!
Wow Andama you have lovely neighbours, can you share them pleaseSmile

Brig xXx
That is just so lovely! How nice to have neighbours like that!
Jayne xx
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Thats so nice! I have a guy that takes some of my lemons and then brings me Jams, and chutneys he makes! He also takes another kind of fruit but I carnt remember what its called, it looks like a mandarine but tastes like a grapefruit, this is what he makes the jam with. Strange man, but nice Jam lol
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

So nice, lovely neighbors.
My new neighbours did this yesterday... guess maybe because I watered their garden including their veggie patch while they were away! Such a nice gesture and brightened my day!
HuGs KiM
We've almost lost contact with the home grown veg. And they taste sooo much better. My daughter gave me a couple of her home grown tomatoes and OMG I wasn't going to waste them. I grew up on a farm and in my childhood we ate a lot of home grown veg, fruit, eggs and livestock. I'm afraid my palate has adjusted to the supermarket varieties now. Sigh!!!

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