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Vampire Princess Esme
Just wanted to share some of my favorite photos of Vampire Princess Esme! Hope you like her! Sorry if the pics are the wrong size, seems that resizing them isn't making any difference anymore.

[Image: DSC_0415_zps3729d216.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0364_zps9fb6da68.jpg]
Jeni Razoux
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Now she is gorgeous ..

You have been pinned

you have been blogged

I re-sized two of your photos

Thanks, you take such good care of me and my inability to resize photos. LOL
Jeni Razoux
Find me on Facebook...
your welcome lol

So cute Wink Loved your version of Quinlynn too!
[Image: f6d23540-8c0a-434a-89e8-77a473d81ef3_zps8c2a2d43.jpg]
wow her colouring is so creative and really suits her as a vampire, great job!
Oh my goodness, her coloring is terrific!!! It very much suits a little vampire baby!!! Here eyebrows also look terrific! I hope one day to be able to do something at this level.
[Image: smalllogo_zps29437f12.jpg]
She is a perfect sculpt for a little vampire the coloring is great I wouldnt like to meet her in a dark ally job well done

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