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Update on Bodies.
I now have my digitising software so anyone who wants their nursery names embroidered on the back I no longer have to wait for the service to digitise for me, I can do it myself.

Also, those of you who have placed orders I am working my way through them, but I am awaiting a delivery of leg joints from the US. I have all sizes up to 55mm but some of the larger jointed limb bodies require 65mm leg joints which I have run out of.
Hopefully the delivery will arrive early this coming week as they have been shipped already (about a week ago). Once they arrive it will only take me a short time to finish assembling the bodies and can ship them out.

Also full limbed non jointed bodies I now have a larger range of sizes that can be made, but am awaiting the arrival of the patterns from Chelle. She also shipped about a week ago. I use Chelle's patterns for my other body styles and they seem to be the most popular so I ordered her non jointed body also as I was not overly happy with the design I have been using till now for those bodies. Her fully jointed body is not as chubby around the waist as some designs around are, one customer asked me to make her body not so full and I used Chelle's pattern rather than the one I had been using previously and it was exactly what she was wanting. Now I use nothing else unless you wish to have the chubbier body.

I have taken a photo of Maree's body which I embroidered this morning so you can see the placement on the back of the body for your nursery name. This is the 3/4 limbed non jointed leg version which fits excellently in a disposable nappy without leg cloth showing.

Embroidery can be done in almost any colour. (I have 60+ colours.)

Backs are embroidered before assembling the body pieces.
[Image: DSC00420.jpg]

Body assembled showing placement of embroidery:
[Image: DSC00421.jpg]

After ading cable ties:
Front view:
[Image: DSC00422.jpg]

Back view:
[Image: DSC00423.jpg]

The placement on other styles is basically the same. Most nursery names fit onto 1 or 2 lines of embroidery. Larger names will take up 3 lines. This is why the digitising makes it so much easier as I do not have to keep repositioning the fabric for each line of embroidery which has to be done when keying in names manually.
Lyn Keppler

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I make doll bodies too........ see my online store.
oh yay superb work as usual Lyn. Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow and putting Bethany together. Smile I love how Lyns bodies have the little bum part. Other bodies that Ive seen like on Lucy and Matty don't have that. And the nursery name on the back is a lovely touch.
x Maree x
A touch of Love Reborn Nursery
[Image: mareeduff-1-1.jpg]
Looks great Lyn Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

Thanks girls. about to take a break from sewing while I go get my nails done, then will be back to it later today. Trying to get all my orders caught up now that my legs have recovered a bit.
Lyn Keppler

[Image: header-lynkproducts.jpg]
I make doll bodies too........ see my online store.
oh gosh, now I have hit another snag......... lol.

I RAN OUT OF LONG CABLE TIES!!!! first the large joints, now the large ties....... I have about 200 of the shorter ties, but they only fit the arms, I need the longer ones for the legs and necks. so another order been placed. I will get there girls I swear. At least this order only coming from WA not from USA.
Lyn Keppler

[Image: header-lynkproducts.jpg]
I make doll bodies too........ see my online store.
I love your bodies and that you write on them, fantastic Lyn

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Just letting you girls know (especially those who have placed orders) that I am now busy getting all the orders finished. I finally have the nursery names all digitiesed and in process of embroidering the ones that required the names on the backs.
I finally got the cable ties in but am STILL waiting on the order of joints that are coming from the US, they have been nearly a month now so I have contacted the company and asked them to place a trace on the item as tracking does not show past the US border (They have a tracking number) The largest of the joints that I required were not available locally so I had to go overseas to get them (plus is cheaper for me too)
Girls this is as frustrating for me as it is for those of you who are waiting delivery of your orders. I hate things taking this long.
Lyn Keppler

[Image: header-lynkproducts.jpg]
I make doll bodies too........ see my online store.
These are fantastic!!!
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Thanks for letting us know Lyn. Hope you get everything OK.
Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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Hope your order of joints comes soon.
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