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Unconditional Love
Loved reading this threads, I had a dog called Fred for two months
short of his 18th birthday to the day, but when he died I just could
not bring myself to have another furby friend, still can't. Gordon cat
died at 15, we became quite attached and again cannot for the life of
me get another.
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Our dear old dog is a foxhound. Not that he'd know a fox if he fell over one. LOL
He'll be 14 years old soon and spends most of his time sleeping. He has stiff joints in winter and he's as deaf as a post but apart from that he's generally well. But because he sleeps all the time and is deaf he doesn't hear me calling him, or walking up to him either, so I always look at his ribcage for breathing movements. I absolutely dread the day when there aren't any.

Andama, I hope your friends are coping with the loss of their little dog today.

Sandra, the verse you posted is very poignant and moving.
So sad but at least they have the memory of a wonderful friend, companion and member of the family. I think this can be one of lifes hardest trials, will we be selfish and make them stay or love them and let them go. You are a wonderful friend to them for helping them see what was best. I still miss my Kiki but I wouldn't make her come back with the same quality of life for nothing. My heart hurts for them but is happy for their friend.
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So moving... Sad My heart is with the ladies who lost their friend.

I lost my little female dog Sasha recently, and all this is so touching to me... I still have 4 dogs, but she was 'The One'.
She had lymphoma, and I took care of her for two years and a half. We had such a strong bond, that I could feel when it was the time to let her go, just four weeks ago.

Now I look to the place where she slept all this time, just by my bed side, and she's not there anymore. I've be coping with this, but still suffer a lot. I am not able to bond to my other dogs, because Sasha was so special, and I cared for her all her life, due to some health issues she had since she was 18 months old...
When I discovered she had lymphoma I decided to treat her, and she lived 29 months after she was first diagnosed. I was her care taker, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We went through a lot together, and she always wanted to fight and live. Last month she simply stopped eating, and as she got diabetis, things got complicated, and I had to let her go. It was so painful, words cannot describe how hard it was to see her go in my arms. I'm relieved she does not suffer anymore, but I miss her terribly.

Now I wait for the day when we'll meet again, at the Rainbow Bridge.

She was a chihuahua. Smile
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Andrea Melo
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I loved you story about Sasha and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

dolly hugs
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Andama Dujon


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