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Toddler kit
I’m thinking about adopting a toddler reborn. But don’t know what kit. So thought I would ask all of you at Baby Banter what kit you would suggest for a toddler with these specifications

Toddler Reborn kit
Size: Around 23’’ or 60 cm
Girl with open eyes and open hand but a closed mouth.
I prefer 4/4 limbs.
Long hair Dark in colour.
Green or dark eyes
A light brown skin tone with a very light mottling
A happy face not sad.
Do not need to have a very big smile but need to look happy

So tell me what kit you think would look good with these specs Smile

I kinda like the mouth on this one
[Image: 54299f261f40fee9bd35240c6db4d7ed.jpg]

I love this picture looks soo sweet Smile

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTY29sa7A0vg3G7UqV81WR...b40JC95myc]
I love reborns
Oh I love that bottom photo! What kit is she? Love the little stick-out ears! She is just precious!
she is Ella Mae Sculpt by Jannie de Lange reborned by Puddin' Cake Babies but she is not mine Sad but she is a picture i found with google looking for toddler kits. and I just love it Smile
I love reborns

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