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This is absolutely hillarious!!!
This is a funny clip of my favorite show Jeopardy.
Lord, help me to be the person my bears and dolls think I am.
Okay maybe I am missing something here but I didn't find that funny, however having said that I don't like game shows which could be a reason.

So now the game show thing has come up who does like them,

My brother loves them but he has an IQ off the richter scale so he gets pretty much most questions right which makes him an annoy little ****** lol.


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Andama Dujon

Aww, I love game shows and I like to play along, especially with Jeopardy. I'm a major nerd. What I thought was hillarious is Alex Trebek, a voice I've grown up hearing for as long as I can remember, being computerized. Also, I loathe autotune and any other pitch corrector with a passion, but when they take someone speaking and pitch correct it, comedy gold. I guess I better state here that there's a possibility that I may be mildly autistic, so that may be why I find certain things hillarious that other people don't.
Lord, help me to be the person my bears and dolls think I am.
I think to idea of Alex sounding that way every day when he's not on Jeopardy was funny a joke by him! I used to watch Jeopardy all the time, but have gotten away from television. I'm a Netflix nerd. I watch "Columbo" a lot. I just like to put it on for background noise - that or The Golden Girls. Now that's weird!!!! Big Grin The only show nowadays I do really good at is Family Fued.
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I don't usually like game-shows either but I have to say I was answering the questions to the screen ~ my dog was looking at me like I'd lost it lol.
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Man, I've been looking all over for this thread. Unfortunately I was whistling the Battle Hymn of the Republic all day aftdr watching that.
Lord, help me to be the person my bears and dolls think I am.

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