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The needle makes all the difference!
I switched to Bountiful Baby
#2939 - Five Pre-Cut 42 Gauge CROWN Needles .04mm barb depth

Always one hair 99.9% of the time. The hair lays so much smoother and no more plucking hairs.

I figured maybe this info might help someone else who hasn't found the right needle yet.
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I don't root very often but if I do, I use 42g crown too, they are the b est I think!!!
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Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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It is always helpful to hear what everyone finds good to use and why

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Andama Dujon

I agree... I always thought finer needle was best... but after rooting about 3 heads and going through about 50 needles I went back to the 42g single barb that I was having issues with at the start... I had improved my technic enough to find that they worked just as well and I could do a whole head without breaking a needle... YAH!!! So much more economical!!!
HuGs KiM
Jenn, do you root from the end or the middle?

Hugs Marie
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I root from the end around the face and from the middle everywhere else.
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