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The Master of Excuses
I had a good one recently on Ebay that makes me laugh every time I think about it. I have sold on Ebay for years now and I am used to constantly hearing excuses why the buyer hasn't paid for the item yet, but this one really took the cake. Please keep in mind, that over the course of the 3 months it took for me to get payment, I could easily see through this buyer's feedback that they were buying like crazy on ebay, I guess they just kept buying so much they couldn't keep up with the payments.. Here are the excuses this woman gave for why she hadn't paid yet...
1.) I just lost my job, so I don't have any money right now but I am starting another job soon.
2.) I had cancer and I was in the hospital
3.) I sent my daughter to the bank with the payment but she spent it on something else.
4.) I was on the way to the bank with your payment and I was knocked down and they stole my bag and all my money.
5.) I had your money here but it somehow disappeared and we are looking all over for it.
6.) I had the money for your payment in my purse but somebody took it.
7.) I put the money in the bank, but all my savings were gone so the bank took it.
8.) I put the money into the bank today, but they had technical difficulties
9.) I put the money in the bank, but the payment was returned to me for some reason.
10.) I was going to the bank today to put in your money but my car broke down and I couldn't get a ride there.
11.) I put your money into the bank today, you should have it soon.
(I finally got it about 2 weeks after the last excuse)

Don't you think it would have been better if this woman just told me the truth? That she was short of funds due to excessive buying and would have to pay me whenever she could catch up and get to it? Why did she continue on her buying frenzy for the 3months plus that she still owed me?
As I said before, I have heard a lot of these same excuses all the time from buyers, but never so many from one person. Just how stupid do they think people are?
LOL That's just hilarious. I especially love the cancer one. It just doesn't fit with the rest Tongue

"I had cancer for a week, but then I got better. Unfortunately, the people at the hospital stole the money from my underwear while they were conducting an illegal experiment with alien genes on me. Good news is I can see in the dark now." Tongue
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hahahahahahaaaa, how dumb does she think you are??? LOL glad you got it in the end LOL Big Grin
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Oh boy...some people are just unbelievable..all those excuses and fancy using cancer as one..dont they know you never ever use your health or someone elses health as an excuse or it will come back and bite you...silly silly glad you got your payment in the end though Smile

Lisa Smile

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How funny - I once had a seller tell me she hadn't sent my goods because her mother had died in a car accident. Would you still be listing madly if your mother had died in a car accident and you had to go interstate to attend her funeral?????????????
Also I had a buyer tell me they couldn't go through with the sale because a famliy member had died and they had to PAY for the funeral. Gotta laugh. Only thing is I'm never quite sure if they are being truthful, then I feel really bad for them and really guilty for asking about the transaction. Karen
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can I have the buyers user name sharon i think she may be one to ad to the block list
hugs gayle
yes, you would be surprised how many times I have heard the 'had cancer' and 'was in the hospital' excuses. And like Karen said, you can't really say anything about it, because what if this one was for real? I think the 'i (or my partner) just lost my job' excuse is the most common. But then you usually still see them buying like mad and completing purchases in their feedback afterwards too. As for the name of this ebayer, she is now on her fourth new name after having so many troubles. I guess she doesn't realize that ebay shows both your current and previous usernames when you click on the user's profile information.
She has cheek and the cancer one is just SO unbelievable. What an experience Amy Smile
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