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The crying baby
My step-mother keeps telling us all she has the perfect baby with her new reborn doll. She never cries, there are no dirty get the picture. My father asked me for a recording of my baby crying of which I obliged. He then waited for my step-mother to fall asleep and played the recording. I got this sms this morning. "I nearly died of fright last night when I heard my baby crying in the early hours of the morning. I jumped out of bed totally disorientated then I heard Aaliyah (my oldest daughter) say Riya!! Looked over at my husband's phone flashing, he was killing himself laughing..."

I like my father's sense of humour.
[Image: DSC_0284.jpg]

Now that story just cracked me up, too too funny.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

What a good trick! Sounds like the sort of thing my hubby would do to me!! Very funny!

Karen xxx
[Image: imagehra.jpg]

I just love my dolls!
too too funny!
I had a visual picture in my head while reading it of it happening
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Just love your dad's wicked sense of humour.

Warm regards,
Karen xx
lol that is too funny Smile
hugs gayle
oh i dont need recording help..... i often wake up thinking i heard a screaming child run out to the hall and the house is silent! (and i do hear it while awake too!) ????????

but funny enough i usually miss the real crys ! lol and have dh telling me - bubby is crying!!!
Crazy mum to 5 real born babies, photographer, uni student, and a bunch of other stuff and now a reborner!
What a great story, so funny, made me chuckle that one xx
I love that story! who would think a husband would think about doing that that was so funny and cute at the same time! Love it Nan
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