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Talk About Embarrassed!
I took one of my dolls for a walk in the park with my kids one Sunday for something different. A ladies little puppy ran up to us all excited as puppies do. The kids were patting it ect when a lady came over to appoligies for the interuption, of course I wasnt worried, after all who can refuse a cute puppy!
She saw the "baby" in my arms and asked " Oh, how old is your baby?"
I opened the bunny rug to expose 'the babies' face, and she says "oh my gosh she is so tiny! She would only be about 2 days old, am I right?"
I told her "She is a doll."
Lady-"She is a little doll isn't she? What day did you have her? I am a nurse at the local hospital, I may have been working the day you came in!" Poor woman was so excited!
i replied, "No really, it's a doll" and I knocked on her head. Well you should have seen the look on this poor womans face!
she recoiled back and gasped!! "oh my GOD! that is SOOO REAL!!"
then of course I had to proudly explain how I make them. It was so much fun!!

here are some pics of the little culprit!
[Image: girls609.jpg]
[Image: girls615.jpg]
aww she is adorable !! no woder the lady mistook her for a real baby Smile I bet it was a huge confidance booster getting that reaction for a stranger
hugs gayle
She is a lovely baby and I have to ask has the nose of this one been opened or painted.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

thankyou. Her nose is only painted.
LOL! That was hilarious, she is so gorgeous Smile
She's lovely Smile
haha the woman's reaction! :p
[Image: 24pwdgk.jpg]
Little Jacob

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