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Supplies in Hervey Bay??
I have just moved house (uggghhhh never again) and I am now in lovely Hervey Bay

I was out and about on the weekend looking around and I am wondering if anyone on here knows the area and can help me out with which are the best crafty supply shops. Particularly for things like polyfill, felt, fabric occasionally, and yarn. I popped into the craft superstore thing on Boat Harbour and they have some stuff but seemed a little exxy

I am missing Spotlight lol

Any help would be appreciated Smile
when I lived rural I had to reply on internet sites but I then started doing trips to a town about once every three months and I stocked up on everything. The trips were nice a I saved up and did pretty much all my shopping in the one go and what I forgot I purchased online

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

thanks Andama

Good idea, I might have to write a list and then next time I am in Brissie I can just go to Spotlight, seeing as I know what they have
Hi, I don't buy anything in Hervey Bay. I buy all my supplies online. I didn't even really find anything that worth while in Spotlight, but if you are a spotlight person, there is one in Maryborough, - that's only not quite 30 mins away.
oh thanks Julianne I didn't realise you were in Hervey Bay!

Spotlights are all different so it really depends where you go, in Brisbane I was in between two of them and one was great (although the service was awful) but the other one was just awful full stop. I didn't even know there was one in Maryborough...

Would you mind sharing where you get you polyfil from online pretty please?


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