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Summer is ending
Thank god our summer is ending and our temps have gone back to normal of being in the mid 20's, I like living in the highlands because our temps are generally much lower than everyone else's but this year we had some serious heat

[Image: 16996290_1741992406040002_73444909726389...zhjp3v.jpg]

[Image: 17016891_1741992382706671_62737578977089...p38l4y.jpg]

[Image: 17038510_1741992436039999_62844914546476...ybg7yc.jpg]

[Image: 17098512_1741992616039981_87933790632766...rt5wlo.jpg]

[Image: 17190843_1741992589373317_86164866106444...tsmjmd.jpg]

[Image: 17097234_1741992252706684_26887346960568...otvjwv.jpg]

[Image: 17097515_1741992466039996_22402610356933...dlw03s.jpg]

[Image: 17038962_1741992366040006_62031957490823...qljt18.jpg]

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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