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soy melts
this isn't a reborn related story and its probably you had to be there kind of a moment but its the only thing thats given me a good giggle for a little while so thought i'd share.
As some of you know I make soy melts usually baby powder and other babyish frangrances... i decided to get some new fragrances to try completely out of the ordinary anyway they arrived this morning .... shortly after the oils arrived my sister phoned and asked me if i could make some soy melts for her to give out as christmas presents for her friends, i said sure what fragrances do you want? she says well what do you have? I said well i just had some monkey farts (yes thats the name of it i'm not making that up lol) arrive not 2 mins ago ... silence on the other end of the phone a good long uncomfortable pause then in her best snooty voice she says "what did you just say!" at this point i just started giggling uncontrolably to the point of being unable to speak and she hung up on me lol she always cracks me up when she acts all snooty and supirior any way she rang back 10mins later put in her order lol
still gives me a little giggle hehehe but what can i say i never knew monkey farts could smell so ..... YUMMY hehe'
hugs gayle
lol Gayle, sounds interesting to say the least. At least she rang back. Good to hear you got a good chuckle out of it.

That is so funny Gayle so is your sister giving her friends monkey farts for xmas lol
Oooh,, are you selling the monkey farts soy melts?
yes i will be selling them i have to order in some more fragrance as i was alittle to egar to get my melts out of the molds and about half of them broke so only have a small amount that aren't "seconds" lol
$5 inclusive of postage in aus for a bag of 6 small hearts (comes in a small organza bag)
$24.00 for a 250 gram bag which is approximately 72 melts (comes in 1 large organza bag)
or $39.00 for a 500gram bag approx 145 melts (comes in 2 organza bags)
the fragrance lasts for about 6 to 8 hours i'd say it has a medium scent throw it won't fragrance the whole house but does make a medium sized room smell lovely
incase any one is wondering monkey farts smell fruity! lol a combination of tropical banana, with a hint of coconut and grapefruit
i do also combine fragrance so if you wanted a 500g lot with half monkey farts and half something else i can do that no problems if you want more that 2 fragrances in a combined lot its 50cents extra for each additional over 2 if that makes sense lol
hugs gayle
Hehe you had me laughing the second I read fart Tongue

I love being immature!

At work a customer brought his dog in for a grooming. His name was Boobie. Oddly enough, we had 2 dogs named Boobie in our database so I asked him which phone number was his. I explained with "Oh it's because we have 2 Boobies" and as soon as I said it I had to control myself not to crack up. I told the girls after and we had a good laugh :p Your story reminded me of this LOL
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Lol Caroline ! its good to laugh
lol Caroline thats to funny! who names their dog boobie? llol you have more self control than i do as i would have completely cracked up in front of the customer lol but hey at least you said "we" and not "I" because that would have been a whole other story lol
hug s gayle
LOL yes thank God I said we Tongue

I guess people who speak another language might name their dog that Tongue

We have a greek lady that called her dog Dad. He's a big fat shih tzu and I love him!We had him today and it's like "Stay put Dad, okay Daddy we're almost done, you're not gonna bite me uh Dad?" lol it's so weird!
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Makin me smile! hehe Big Grin
Proud reborn mummy of Oscar & Abigail-Rose
Soon to be another??
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