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So I ordered a new bub [Update]

The lady received the kit about a week ago. I bought my bub 12 days ago. Today she emailed me to say she was still putting the base coat on. (She started a week ago) She says it'll be another 2-3 weeks before she's ready. When I bought my baby, it said to allow 2 to 3 weeks for the completion of the bub. It's almost been 2 weeks so technically she should have been ready in a week. Argh, I hate waiting especially that when she asked me to pay right away I did. *Sighs* I'm starting to think I'll never see this baby Sad
Maybe I'm just being impatient...
It will be custom made by a lady on ebay. I chose a Corinne sculpt with brown hair and either brown or blue eyes, I'm not quite sure yet. She'll be a little girl. I'm a bit nervous, being the first time I order a reborn from someone I don't know. Also I made an offer of 300$ and she accepted. Since it's far from her buy it now price I don't know if I should worry lol

She said she should be ready in about 3 weeks.

Here's the link:

Tell me what you guys think!
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
I have seen this Artist around, I suppose its always a risk when you dont know the artist can I ask what drew you to this artist Caroline??
Does she offer returns if your not happy with the finished result??
Judy x
Hmm it doesn't say Judy, but she says she sends you pics for approval. I'll make sure she sends me pictures often so I can make sure the bub's the way I want it. She also has good comments about custom babies. Honestly, I really wanted a Corrine baby girl and she was the only one to offer it. I also wanted someone who lives in the Canada or US because by the time the bub is finished it'll be near christmas post rush. I wanna make sure my little girl makes it! I'm always so paranoid that my stuff will get lost in the mail!

I hope I'm making sense lol Smile

With Nikki there was never any doubt that she was gonna do a good job and send my baby safely. I know she's pretty busy right now, doing a few bubs for the girls on the forum and I didn't want to bother her so soon after William lol. Let's just hope this seller is as nice as her Smile

I chose medium brown hair and victorian blue eyes. Do you guys think it'll look nice?
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
I think the colours you have choosen will look lovely on your little girl Im sure the artist will do a good job for you
Good luck Caroline cant wait to see your little girl
Judy x
I'm sure she'll be beautiful. Can't wait to see some pics of her
[Image: corbinfullbody.jpg] [Image: ebay15-1-1.jpg]
I have another question for you guys. Is it normal that she answers only like 1/4th of my questions? Like I'll email her 5 questions and she'll email me back 1 answer. It's a bit frustrating. I finally convinced her to send me some update pics, she'll send me before the rooting. I'm still kinda worried, since I already paid for the bub.

I also did some research, found her website and noticed that the bubs on her ebay page and on her website are not the same.

Yup I'm kinda worried. I'm just an anxious mom lol
Please someone tell me I'm paranoid? ^_^''
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
She should answer all your questions Caroline if she is doing work for you
I have been looking her up for you as I said I have seen her around If your not happy with your baby you need to get a full refund
She is from what I see in photos very heavy with the paints and veins etc thats why she has stood out to me but some peope Im sure will like this its a matter of taste,hope she soon sends pics for you. I would get back to her and ask her if she would kindly answer your questions. Im interested in seeing your first baby pics
Judy x
I agree with Judy she needs to answer any questions you have and gladly.
This custom baby I just finished I did pics as I did it in case she wanted to see it but she didn't she wanted to be suprised so at the end I asked her if I could send her one to be sure she was happy before assembling the baby and she said yes but now she can't wait for her. I also do this in case they want a baby of the baby in the process. Also they can't say when it's all done thats not what I wanted or thats the wrong etc. They know before hand so when they get them they are happy. Again I've only done a couple custom orders most people want what I have.
She is doing a job for you and this also would help cover things for her.
I'm sure as the time nears for you baby you may be getting a little nervous too. :-)
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
lol thanks for your compliments Caroline. hehe yes I am pretty bust atm but never too busy to make more babies lol. I hope it all works out for you. Just keep asking her the questions you want answered. I know how exciting it is waiting for a new bub, i get just as excited as they start to take on their own personalities.
Can't wait to see some pics of her with her big brothers

Thanks for the advice guys. I did notice the veins on her bubs too, and I said no veins please (as it freaks me out a little lol) I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering a reborn from ebay. If I did, I learned my lesson lol
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]

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