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sleepers vs open eyes
I asked this question due to the fact that I found so many reborns with closed eyes.

And the fact that many of those whom I have talked with. Who do NOT like the reborns. Say that they do not like the eyes. Some says that it is like the eyes follow them and that they look too real.

This is also some of what I LIKE about the reborns Smile

Of cause it is always the whole kit that matters the detailing the size. When buying a finished reborn the painting, the hair and so on.

The overall matters Smile
I love reborns
I prefer the closed eyed babies, although the eyes are very real looking on the babies, I had a silicone baby with half open eyes, and now I have a closed eyed silicone and I like her better. She is on here, have a look!
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery


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