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Sizing Photos
Sizing photos using GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Down load programme it is free

it will appear on your computer

[Image: gimp1.png]

Double click on icon

[Image: gimp2.png]

click on next icon

[Image: gimp3.png]

Click on OPEN

[Image: gimp4.png]

Click on FILE top left hand corner

[Image: gimp5.png]

Choose where your photos are stored such as desk top or pictures click on it.

[Image: gimp7.png]

Choose file or photos you want to size
click on file

[Image: gimp8.png]

Click on photo that needs sizing it will go blue then click on OPEN at bottom right hand side

[Image: gimp9.png]

On the TOP ROW you will see the word IMAGE click on it

[Image: gimp11.png]

This image will appear with the size of the photo such as 1600 and 1200

[Image: gimp10.png]

Click on the largest of the two numbers and type in 600 then click SCALE at the bottom right hand side of the screen

[Image: gimp11.png]

Save changes will appear so click on SAVE

[Image: gimp12.png]

a second save changes will appear will appear, click on SAVE

[Image: gimp10.png]

Click the red button on top left hand side of screen

[Image: gimp14.png]

then start on next photo waiting to be sized

If you need any help with this please ask and I use a mac so let me know of the settings come up different

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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