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Several Non-Paying Bidders List
thecatnyansbrenda ( 25)
alexiseverett1234562013 ( 2 )
pbat4733 ( 5 )
kias999 (1)
All non-paying bidders from the last 30 days!
thats dreadful, why oh why do people bid then refuse to pay ?
nutters or just spiteful ?
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Sometimes I wonder if it is someone who is trying to knock out your listing if you bidder is also bidding on their listing. I know that sounds crazy and I don't even know if it is possible to see what other auctions they are bidding on or if they are just basing it on identical number of stars next to the secret bidder ids. But is is really starting to damage my cash flow. And when the listing states that you have 3 days to pay why on earth do people bid to win then ask for 10 days?

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